The Swan Range -- Books and Stories by Carol Buchanan

The Vigilante Quartet

Mostly, they were done with the war. Many were veterans, and many more had felt its scourge and carried scars, physical or mental. To leave it behind, they slogged over a thousand miles of the continent to a remote region of the northern Rocky Mountains. For what?

For gold. For a new start. For a future.

Some found gold, and learned that breaking it out of the rock in a frigid creek could break a man.

Some never intended to swing a pick or wield a sledge hammer.

Their preferred tool for getting rich was the revolver or the long gun.

In the six months between organizing the Fairweather Mining District on Alder Creek in June 1863 until young Nicholas Tbalt failed to return from picking up a team of mules in December 1863, armed robbery and murder increased.

Finding young Nick’s body was the catalyst that stopped men from talking about the climate of terror and goaded them to act. Two separate groups of frightened men – mostly Masons – became the Vigilantes of Montana.

The Vigilante Quartet is the sweeping series of four linked historical novels that tell how honest men confronted armed robbers and murderers and made the region safe for others to work toward the future they sought.

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