Vigilante Pictures: Bannack, First Territorial Capital (1864-1865)
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Bannack, MT, from the cemetery
To Bannack
The road to Bannack, MT, from Hangman's Gulch
Hangman's Gulch
Hangman's Gulch with Plummer's gallows center left
Chrisman's Store
Chrisman's Store from the knoll above Bannack
Plummer's Office
Plummer's office entrance at the rear of Chrisman's Store
Plummer's Office Viewed between Jails
Plummer's office entrance viewed between jails
Jail Interior
Interior of "new" jail
Pizanthia's Cabin
How Pizanthia's cabin might have looked
Skinner's Saloon
Cy Skinner's Saloon
Skinner's Bar
The bar in Skinner's Saloon


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