Alder Gulch Vigilante Pictures
Nevada City Cemetery
The Nevada City Cemetery
Old grave in Nevada City Cemetery
An old grave in the Nevada City Cemetery
Nevada City
Nevada City, MT
Ives was hanged here
George Ives was hanged here
Laurin's store
John Batiste Laurin's store in Laurin, MT
Cottonwoods near Laurin's store
Virginia City buildings
Virginia City buildings
Kiskadden's Stone Block, Virginia City, MT
Kiskadden's Stone Block, Virginia City, MT
The Hangman's Building in Virginia City
Five road agents (outlaws) were hanged in this building, the Hangman's Building, Virginia City, MT
The beam 5 outlaws were hanged on
The beam on which 5 road agents were hanged
The 5 Outlaws' Graves
The 5 road agents' graves



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