Reviews of God's Thunderbolt

New! From John Putnam on his blog, "My Gold Rush Tales." And on Amazon! It's always good to know people are reading my work and enjoying it.

Publisher's Weekly (from the ABNA)

This accomplished Western examines one of our nation's formative episodes of vigilantism from an inside perspective and finds substantial moral ambiguity. Set in a southwestern Montana that's experiencing explosive growth centered on gold mining while the Civil War rages back east, citizens take action to curb a wave of robberies and murders. ... It's an excellent western with an intense moral gravity.

Amazon Reviews (from the ABNA)

Expert Reviewer #1: The descriptive passages are amazingly effective, and the narrative is very well written. Another strong aspect would be the characters in this excerpt as they are very unique and interesting. ...a strong narrative, and interesting unique plot.

Expert Reviewer #2: ...history is brought alive with fine description and sensory detail.

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